Natural Medicine in Hemet

Hemet is noted for the 46th Agricultural District Farmer’s Fair of Riverside County, which had its beginning in 1936 as the Hemet Turkey Show, and for the Ryan School of Aeronautics, which trained about 6,000 fliers for the Army Air Force between 1940 and 1944.

Hemet Ryan Airport exists today at the site of the original Ryan Flight School. Hemet today retains much of its retirement orientation but is also becoming home to significant numbers of younger families who provide services to the senior population or who are simply fleeing the more urbanized areas of Southern California.

Thirty minutes southwest from the city of Hemet, Ocean Pacific Integrative Health Center located in Murrieta provides for residents of Hemet and the Inland Empire, natural and holistic medicine, bioidentical hormone therapy, homeopathy, weight loss, natural allergy relief, treatments for chronic fatigue and naturopathic modalities. Dr. Abida Wali N.D. aims to provide comprehensive alternative healing using the established principles of holistic medicine for those seeking alternative medicine.

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