Holistic Treatment and Prevention Therapies

At Ocean Pacific Integrative Health Center, we provide holistic, individualized therapies based on the underlying cause of your specific health condition. Our approach to treatment involves a three-step process moving from more gentle treatment to more supportive measures depending on the needs of each individual.

STEP 1: Diet and Lifestyle

Through our experience, we have found that supporting the body naturally with diet and lifestyle modifications and nutritional supplementation is all that is needed to bring the body back to a state of balance.

STEP 2: Nutraceuticals/Botanical Therapy

We are committed to providing you with the latest evidence-based, innovative neutraceutical and herbal products to better meet the demands of your health care needs.

We are confident that the medical grade nutraceuticals and herbals that we recommend have exceptional formulation, quality, purity, and accuracy of labeled ingredients and dosage. Although we trust the quality of our products, you are not obligated to purchase supplements carried in our dispensary.

STEP 3: Specific Therapies

When more support is needed, treatments such as hormone therapy, IV nutritional therapies , or referral to Specialists for further evaluation or treatments will be recommended.

Therapies and Services Offered

Laboratory Services

Dr. Wali utilizes the best of the Conventional and Alternative laboratory tests and has designed several health and wellness panels for diagnosis and prevention of variety of health issues.