I have been seeing Dr. Wali for a little over two months. I went to see Dr. Wali as a naturopathic doctor after learning my sugar levels were too high and I was looking for natural remedies to improve my health, and also eliminate hot flashes and fatigue. Overall, I simply wanted to improve my health naturally. Dr. Wali has changed my life so greatly. The fatigue is gone, my joints don’t ache, I’ve lost 20 lbs in two months by merely altering my diet and adding specific vitamins that were geared to target my specific needs. Dr . Wali is patient and kind and she will research and assist you on such a personal level as she helps you to enjoy a healthy new you! Don’t wait another day to start your healthy journey, my life has changed so greatly by Dr. Wali and I am so grateful to have found her!

– Rosemeri R.

Dr. Wali’s care for my chronic GI issues has been far superior to the care I received at Kaiser Permanente. My “doctor” at Kaiser told me to buy a probiotic gummy bear at Costco (I had already been taking a much higher quality probiotic than that) and then she gave me a diet to follow, which is essentially the diet I was already following. No blood work, no physical exam, but a nice $300+ bill (my portion not covered by insurance) for weiging me, taking my temperature and then shrugging off my symptoms. I guess the “Gummy Bear RX” is what cost me so much. I’ll never know, since I found Dr. Wali right afterward and haven’t looked back. Thank you, Dr. Wali, for being a true doctor and actually carefully examining your patients.

– Jennifer M.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wali for a year now. She is very thorough and genuinely listens to you. She takes everything down you say and types it into her laptop. She requested lab work and other tests for me. She found I was severely anemic when my own GP hadn’t even tested my iron after me feeling exhausted and drained. She has put me on a special eating plan according to my food allergy test and has recommended supplements. Now let me say that I did feel better after following her plan but i haven’t been the best patient. Actually I’ve been a horrible patient! If I would just follow her advice I know my quality of life would improve significantly! So for the past 6-8 months it’s pretty much been a roller coaster for me. I follow the plan I feel better then I slowly slip back into my bad habits and feel like death. I need to just buckle down already and get serious again so I can feel better again! She definitely knows what she’s doing and I need to be a good patient and listen. These are some things she’s helping me with: anemia, adrenal support, gut issues like IBS, extreme fatigue, arthritis pain, autoimmune disorder symptoms, sleep, anxiety and more!

– Vanessa M.

I’m an active patient of Dr Wali. I’ve been seeing her for more that 5 years. She continues to provide valuable and personal support that helps me feel great. I recommend her for anyone who wants to achieve health and wellness. Here’s my story….

Several years ago, I suddenly started to experiencing severe fatigue symptoms. I visited my GP several times with no success. I was referred to Dr. Wali by a good friend and through a thoughtful and thorough office consultation, which lasted more than 90 minutes, we narrowed down my condition and had a plan to help me get healthy again. When was the last time you spent more than 15 minutes with your doctor? Dr. Wali took a measured approach with great care and concern to my overall health during a chelation process to remove mercury from my body. It worked! I will continue to see her.

– Frank T.

I have been seeing Dr. Wali for several years now. Of all the doctors that I’ve had in my life, she’s the first to genuinely care about my well being and try alternative solutions suited for me. She honors my wishes and makes sure all supplements are vegan and gluten free (not a easy task!) before we try anything. I have significantly less pain and symptoms (from thyroid and fibromyalgia) since seeing her. I highly recommend Dr. Wali if you are looking for someone to assist you in your path to recovering your health. She listens, she calls if she is concerned about blood tests, she is open to alternative treatments, and doesn’t burden me with unnecessary expenses. I am eternally grateful for her.

– Rachel N.

I am a patient of Dr Abida Wali. I came to the Ocean Pacific Center with Hashimoto Disease and weight loss issues. I tried every possible diet before without any long term results. My thyroid issues made it almost impossible to lose weight and feel energetic. Dr Abida Wali not only performed a very thorough testing but approached my case holistically, focusing on both body and mind, addressing my allergies, microelements, vitamins, lipids, antibodies, and much more. She helped me to get back to balance, feel better about myself and lose… 20 pounds. I recommend dr Abida Wali for anybody who wishes to be on the path to recovery in a healthy, responsible way.

– Kasia T

I have suffered from a chronic, aggressive cough and painful sinus infections every fall/winter for the past ten years. I am an elementary school teacher and this cough was causing difficulties with speaking and sleeping. Over a year ago, I started to see Dr. Wali on a friend’s recommendation. The first visit was very comprehensive and detailed. She took a thorough history, listened to my concerns, and ordered lab tests and allergy tests. I discovered that I had a mold allergy, as well as some food allergies. Through a combination of an air purifier, a clean diet, and “as needed” supplements and vitamins, my cough and sinus infection cleared up. This year, I was happy to go in for a follow up checkup and tell her that I had an entire winter without having to use prescription inhalers, steroids, or antibiotics. This was the first winter in over a decade that I did not experience the horrible coughing. I am very grateful to have my health back and to be off of antibiotics and steroids.

– Carolyn T.