Sublingal ImmunoTherapy (SLIT)

Our homeopathic SLIT Program is convenient and involves the use of sublingual drops without needles or frequent visit to the doctor. The program consists of two phases: start up and maintenance. The initial treatment lasts 6 months: 10 weeks for the start up and 10 weeks for the maintenance. After 6 months, you and your doctor will evaluate the efficacy of your allergy desensitization program and will decide whether or not to continue with the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immunotherapy is the process of desensitizing the body by gradually introducing it to allergy-causing dusts, molds, and pollens. Over time, the concentration of these allergens is increased until the immune system learns to ignore them. As the immune system learns to tolerate these allergens, it will stop overreacting to them and allergies start to go away. Immunotherapy is available in two forms: subcutaneous (allergy shots, also known as SCIT) and sublingual (drops under the tongue, also known as SLIT).


Sublingual immunotherapy uses homeopathic drops to desensitize your body to allergies. The drops will be the allersodes (homeopathic and highly diluted allergens) of dusts, molds, pollens, and pet dander that are responsible for your symptoms. When placed under the tongue, they are absorbed by tiny capillaries and will help desensitize immune cells to the specific allergens thus reducing and/or eliminating allergies and their comorbidities.


Typically favorable results are seen once the maintenance dose is achieved, which is approximately three months. However, many patients state reduction of symptoms within the first month, and often within the first couple weeks of starting the drop program.


Oral drops therapy (Sublingual Immunotherapy) was developed over 60 years ago. It is widely used throughout the world and is especially popular in Europe.


Sublingual immunotherapy (drops) have distinct advantages over subcutaneous immunotherapy (shots) when traveling. SCIT requires that the patient remains in the office after the injection for thirty minutes to monitor for potential side effects. With SLIT,  patient can can take the drops at home and is able to travel with the bottles provided for continuous treatment.