Naturopathic Doctor in Wildomar

Wildomar is located along Interstate 15 in Riverside County, a growing community comfortably nestled in a valley bordered by a mountain range on the west and rolling hills to the east. Wildomar had been an outpost for the pony express for the Butterfield Stage, and in the early part of this century, a stop for the Southern California Railroad. After the tracks washed out, growth in the area slowed and Wildomar remained a farming and ranching area, including a large number of horse ranches. Construction of the I-15 freeway brought urban-type growth to Wildomar, which led to the mixture of urban and rural.

Dr. Abida Wali, N.D. is one of the few Naturopathic Doctors offering the residence of Wildomar natural and alternative medicine therapies. Her wellness clinic Ocean Pacific Integrative Health Center in Murrieta is only 2 exists south of Wildoma where she is committed to providing patients with holistic medicine as an alternative approach to treatment. Common conditions Dr. Wali treatments includes but is not limited to digestive disorders, endocrine dysfunctions, autoimmune disorders, Depression and Anxiety, fatigue, cardiovascular disease ( High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol), and Musculoskeletal Complaints (Arthritis and Gout).

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