Study: Improvement in neurological function, brain activity and quality of life improved after HBOT

This study was done on a small group of patients who had suffered a stroke 6 to 36 months prior to inclusion in the study and had at least one motor dysfunction were treated for two months of 40 sessions (5 days/week), 90 minutes each with100% oxygen at 2 ATA. The evaluating physicians found that neurological function, brain activity and quality of life of all treated patients improved after HBOT. Results of SPECT imaging directly correlated with clinical improvements and indicated that HBOT can lead to significant neurological improvements in post-stroke patients, even at chronic late stages. The observed clinical improvements indicated that neuroplasticity can be activated long after damage onset.

Read “Hyperbaric Oxygen Induces Late Neuroplasticity in Post Stroke Patients – Randomized, Prospective Trial.